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You're familiar with the beach, right? This place that so many dream of, plan vacations to, have pictures and paintings on their wall of.  Life is strange...  I'm driving down the road, on vacation at a beach destination, and in front of me is a car with a bumper sticker boasting, "I live where other people vacation".  Hmmm.  

I live where other people vacation....  Honestly, I'd like to have that bumper sticker too, but only if it was true.  I'd paste it proudly on the rear window of that two-tone turquoise and white '68 VW Bug with luggage rack that I keep saying I'm going to buy one day.  Right when I live where other people vacation.

Turns out it was pretty easy to find a little run down cottage across the street from a beach, on an island where people vacation.  After years of being weekend residents, turning this run down cabin into a cozy beach cottage and watching my children run freely on the beach, I was inspired to create a brand that reflects the fun and relaxed beauty of this life-style. 

Sand and rocks, the lighthouse down the way, different colors in the water, a bright pair of flip-flops, time spent on the boat, orcas and other wildlife...  all of these inspire the Cape Haven brand.  And they should, seeing as how "Cape Haven" is the name of our cottage (our Haven at the Cape of San Juan Island, WA).  Our products are made responsibly with natural materials like cotton and linen, and everything is produced in the Pacific Northwest.

Cape Haven is about sharing our blessed life with others, whether it is opening our cottage to friends or providing for those less fortunate.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others, which often starts with having access to education (did I mention that my day job is as a high school teacher?).  Please check out our GIVING section to see what organizations we are currently partnering with on our mission of sharing the good life.

Thank you stopping by our website. Drop us a note if you're ever on the island!

All the best,