The 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development outlines that 31 million girls worldwide are not in school.  The good news is that in the 10 years since this report, there has been a 5% increase in girls attending secondary school globally.  While the gender gap in education is closing in many countries, and more girls have the opportunity to receive an education than in years past, the need is still enormous.

Many studies show the benefits of educating girls spreads far and wide within her family and her community, along with elevating her confidence, her contribution and her standing in society. 

For these reasons, and so many more, we want to support girls education in the poorest areas, and are creating partnerships with proven organizations that take a grass roots approach and dedicate 100% of our contributions to this mission.

Check out Central Asia Institute to learn more about supporting girls education in the poorest areas of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.  10% of our sales are currently donated to this organization, and others that share our vision.

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Life is about people, relationships and the world around us.  If there is stability, we can achieve peace.  If there is peace, we can enjoy happiness.  And maybe with these three we can even hope for prosperity around the globe. 

There are many areas of the world today in need of help.  We have friends and family battling disease, there are areas of our environment that need to be better cared for, and basic human rights are not being met in many areas of the world. 

Cape Haven is dedicated to doing our part to make the world a better place, to "sharing the good life" with as many others as possible. All our products are made in Western Washington and you can take pride in owning something made in the USA by a craftsman.  While we try to source American made fabrics and components when available, we also use quality imported goods that support economies near and far.  

In addition to making our products responsibly, we also support causes and non-profit organizations that are aligned with our values.  Our passion lies in education, women's and children's well-being and keeping our beautiful environment clean and healthy.  All the products we sell support these initiatives, mainly education, so check out how we are "sharing the good life" with the organizations below!