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We love to partner with like-minded retailers in the US and around the world!  If you are a retailer with a brick and mortar store location and would like more information about having Cape Haven brand bags in your store, please complete and submit our Retail Partners Inquiry Form on the right.

All Cape Haven products support girls education in a poor area of the world.  10% of our sales are dedicated to bringing education to girls in need.  Every time you sell a Cape Haven bag in your retail store, a girl in need gets a step closer to having a better life and improving the world they live in.  That's pretty neat.

All our products are designed and made in the Pacific Northwest from natural materials like cotton and linen.  Our flip-flop logo and coastal color palette are perfect for shops in beachside towns.

Marketing materials will be available with first orders to help tell the Cape Haven story to your customers.  Low minimums allow you to try our products with little risk.  If you are within a two hour drive of our studio, we will try to hand deliver your first order so we can meet in person, see your shop and answer any questions.

We look forward to meeting you!

Retail Partners